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We are always looking to purchase interesting guitars, amplifiers and effects and will offer cash or bank wire payments. If you have an item for sale or would like any advice on selling then please get in touch via email or call the following numbers 


We are happy to assist and appraise any guitar or amplifier by email. please send pics and details through to

Is it time to move on your whole collection? 

At London Vintage Guitars we are specialist at buying whole collections in one go offering fair and realistic market pricing. We recently purchased a collection of over 50 Vox amplifiers back from the US. No collection too big or too small!!!!

Selling your gear with Denmark Street Guitars FAQ


Denmark Street offer the best prices worldwide for classic vintage gear when selling your gear to us you have to consider from a pricing point of view that we are a business and will look to make a small margin on all purchases to keep our business running therefore while you may have seen as similar model as yours priced at X then you can only expect to get Y when selling into a dealer who needs to make a small amount of margin. 


Increasingly we are getting asked by customers to make offers on their items. This is not something we do as a company as it is is the responsibility of the seller to have an idea of pricing in mind before presenting an item for sale. If you give us a rough ball park of where you want to be then we can give you an answer almost instantly on if we would purchase the item.


As well as simply selling instruments to to Denmark Street guitars we offer a consignment service where we agree a desired price with the customer that they would like back for the instrument  and then try to price appropriately from there. This would also involve having your instrument on hand in our store for clients to view.


Over the years Denmark Street Guitars have brokered some of the world finest instruments including many original ‘Burst’ guitars and Korina instruments. We have a network of high profile clients who are always on the hunt for specific high end pieces. If you have a High dollar instrument and are looking to have it marketed then please get in touch to discuss your needs on an individual basis.

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